The Summer Update

Well, I’m meeting with Kory Juul today (17.8.99) to begin work on his film/animation thesis. I’ll be the Production Designer on the project. George Lucas eat your heart out. We’re going to be doing alot of live action/real set with digital backgrounding (e.g. the Naboo palace from Episode I Star Wars). I’ll be setting up a section soon to show off my design concepts, et al. Doug Chiang would be proud (then again, he’d probably laugh at the same time…)

The new travel journal is coming along. Hopefully there will be some content soon… more to follow.

Want to see what I did all summer? well, more to follow once i get to a scanner, but here’s an image from my design project:: Velabro Project sketch

It’s about time so I’m reworking and putting up my online personal portfolio (which often blends into the Meticulous Design Group portfolio). This is mainly my architecture and set design work with a little bit of graphics and film stuff done for relative projects.

  1. Leninha says:

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