A boy alone at home

Well, lets see. My sister is working on “The Replacements” so I’m stuck at home here waiting for her to return with our lone car. I’m not really bitching. If I had the chance to work on a Gene Hackman/Keanu Reeves movie, I’d do it too. Oh well. We’ve got more toys up at viber.net, but they aren’t public yet. Aquarius is almost finished casting and now we start filming on October 9th. sigh the wonderful world of permits… yay. More to follow as we kick in funky from DC. Anyway, until then, check out my desktop

  1. Dondon says:

    Nick:Great, comprehensive reeviw guys. Being a new a relative newcomer to the world of professional camera rigs, I'm pretty surprised by how much many of these manufacturers charge for some of their equipment however. Follow focus set-ups that cost more than the DSLR body itself? Really? I understand that these products must be manufactured precisely and perform to the standards of experienced operators/AC's, but they're ultimately simple devices and should by no means cost upwards of $1,500 and beyond. I can see an entire lightweight/DSLR-freindly shoulder-rig assembly with a follow focus for that (or maybe $2k max!), but a well-machined, yet simple follow focus for $1,650? Absurd.

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