November 3, 1999 :: Pat Flynn, Jim Raymond, and I finished work on the script for our short last night. Drawn from “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis, we’ll post the script here shortly.

  1. Everton says:

    My dearThank you very much for the fine Screw and for the two nice snippets of the cadndiates. Sarah is getting as good at dropping her g’s as Obama is. Perhaps she’s closin’ on him. It was good of you to give John an opportunity to protest the unwillingness of Barack’s supporters to discuss burning issues like his association with Ayres, which some of us, perhaps more afraid for America than others, worry about. The clip itself is brilliant. We watch the falling Dow, and see a crawl of homeless families in Massachusetts, as background.I was pleased to see that there were many people ready to respond to the taunts of the press and the counter-demonstration. Unfortunately, people can be prodded into the vilest fits of anger. Most of my friends are Liberals, and I have seen two of them explode (in restaurants where I was treating them to dinner), one at my friendly mention of Bush, and the other at my mention of Rumsfeld. The first, a peaceful young gent from New Jersey, merely turned red and started shouting. But the second, an old fraternity brother from Cornell – and I do mean old; I feared for him – turned purple when I told him that I thought Rumsfeld was a wit. He rose up out of his chair, leaned over the table and brought his face close to mine. His eyes were bulging; I didn’t recognize him, as he all but smothered the words trying to come out with such great fury.I was glad to see that most of these people being prodded by the uninvited did not go so far as to say anything not already known to us all. I especially liked the answer, “everybody dies, don’t they?” to the disgusting question, “Do you think he should die?” My dear, your choice of this video was excellent. But I am sure you do not condone that question. We are getting into dangerous territory, and nobody should be suggesting to anybody, especially on the air, where the suggestion is made to all, that anybody should die. That reporter is potentially inciting to murder. I appreciated the condemnation of ACORN that was given full press. Although we may applaud their goals, surely none of us can support all of their methods, and we have heard enough from enough sources to know the accusations were correct. I was sorry to see you, in your perhaps too-good rendering of Screwtape, evoke race, and later, assassination. Even I, an out-spoken fan of Joe Biden, would not introduce the concept of murder in this context. It is irresponsible, especially if you consider the butterfly effect that you mentioned in your first post. I’m sure there are people who won’t vote for Barack because of his race, but there are more who will vote for him because of it. For most of his supporters, race is an issue. For most of his opponents, it is not. There are far more important things about Barack that concern those who don’t see things his way. Even the Democrats, in the later primaries, were beginning to reject his candidacy, because in a closed-down corner of the campaign was the fact that he himself listened to, his wife supported, and his daughters were subjected to, a man with the authority of God, degrading and demonizing the very country Barry wants to lead. If the Reverend Wright flap had occurred two months earlier, Hillary would be the Democrat’s candidate.

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