Screwtape (pt 2)

Well, we start filming on Saturday with Ben Taylor as the D.P., Pat playing Wormwood and Jim playing The Patient. Hopefully we’ll finish this weekend.

  1. Savannah says:

    Another reviewer here, one Derek G, has done a fine job of bkinreag this game down, so I will simply contribute one additional observation. The software is clearly not designed to deal random cards at all times, following the laws of probability. This is most evident when you and the last remaining player in a given hand both go all in after the flop. 95% of the time, the very next card turned will be the one card in the deck that will benefit your opponent the most. The remaining card will benefit you zero, and provide your opponent with additional power. This is profoundly annoying. It seems the programmers are trying to impart some questionable life lesson, such as greed is baaaad, and punish you for your transgression. This game is marketed by a PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER, so please, spare me the hypocritical moralizing, and let the cards fly without interference.

  2. Austin says:

    Mayara disse:Thayz.Ne3o faz muito tempo que assisti esse filme e o qtauno ele mexeu comigo, sobre o qtauno os padrf5es e tradie7f5es se3o estabelecidos mecanicamente e como mal nos apercebemos disso, mesmo sendo contra eles.Com certeza, April e9 brilhante; dentro dos fracassos que ela aponta durante todo o filme o que3o tem coragem de encare1-los, porque e9 muito mais fe1cil omitiir-se e seguir a opresse3o a se pensar o que e9 liberdade(?).Ne3o deixa de ser um beledssimo filme e um f3timo post seu!

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