Screwtape (pt 3)

We finished our filming ahead of schedule and have finished the rough cut. We also consumed way too much turkey over Thanksgiving. Wow.

  1. Mehmet says:

    I don't get the TFS hate. After working with VSS, TFS, SVN, and GIT, to me TFS is best. There are novel tginhs I can do with GIT which are impressive, but the TFS workflow just makes most sense to me. But then again, I use it for more than just source control. And I will agree, the learning curve on *correctly* setting up TFS projects and security is pretty huge. Our SharePoint extranet for our partners has TFS web parts built right in. Our clients submit bugs and change requests right there, it's tied directly to TFS source control, has complete visibility to devs, BAs, managers, and clients, we can track progress and run reports throughout the development lifecycle scrum to scrum, and it's a breeze to set up once you've got the "back end" set up correctly. I can't imagine life without it. I would *guess* but can't say for certain, that most people who hate on TFS have used it purely for source control and not for everything else it brings to the table.

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