New Toys

I just got my G4. I am in heaven. Of course, the last two weeks have been helacious as we reformatted Castro to get it back to a normal working server. Upgraded everything and added some new toys. Tilae Linden is moving into Drew’s basement in a few days to record demos for our new album which should be recorded in the spring. More to follow about that.

  1. Lovely says:

    luciano disse:a trage9dia de Realengo mostra o qutano uma religie3o pode ser retrf3gada, como um ser humano e9 passedvel de violeancia e como o tre1fico de armas caminha livremente no paeds. ligar o fato e0 feminismo ou machismo e9 pura demagogia, para ne3o dizer idiotice.

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