And then the flood came

Damn. When it rains it pours right? Well, I’ve been working my tail off recently on Thesis design and Meticulous, which had a sudden influx of potential clients. This is good, but also means a whole lot of client specifications to write up. Well, before I get back to the slave wheel, check out some of the stuff I’ve got for thesis that was built in 3D Studio Max 3 at my school. [Image 1] [Image 2]

  1. Elisa says:

    :What??!!!? RedRock asked (or allegedly lllegay threatened) to have their review removed. Wow. Their review must have sucked.It tells you loads about a company and their product when instead offering a counter argument to a review, they have it yank. Have you ever know of any other company yanking bad reviews of their products? Car companies? Movie companies? Shocking.I wonder if that's how RedRock treats their customers too? Or how flawed their products must be.I used to have a high opinion of the company. That's dashed.I WILL NEVER BUY A REDROCK PRODUCTWhat are they hiding?Martin Kunert

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