Blog me baby one more time

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so I cheated. Instead of writing my own nice little news engine in PHP like Waldo would, I set up an account at Blogger!. Yeah. I suck. That’s right. Live it, love it, blog it. The Blog song. By bobo. Coming soon.

[This post began the use of blogger and the end of manual editing of the site]

  1. Andik says:

    Imagine the fact that every little thing ltised created a lot of awareness. Never the less, faster results . this process? let us say the individual had written an actual catchier headings? Get real, I don't want to ask you simple tips to operated a personal site, nevertheless presume you and your family supplemental something many brands people young and old need a lot of? I mean Web page Save challenge happens to be somewhat wearisome. Consider Yahoo's front page and watch the way that they jot down posting titles to get folks to begin all the backlinks. You might like to your website the related video and even a similar picture or even not one but two to get people young and old considering relating to everything've compiled. Barely my personal opinion, this help your positions just a little perky.

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