So i get an email from my friend Jon-Jon, who I’ve known since we were six. Turns out our high school is trying to do a five year reunion this summer. Weird. Especially since I haven’t seen most of the people in so long. There were 10 of us who endured12 years there. College changes people. Europe last summer made me a snappy dresser. So what is everyone else going to be like? hmm…

  1. Anijean says:

    Nice Article !! This article makes a very good point about - " Your gofriaicatitn is instant. " Many of my friends started web development with *something and then start with rails and then they say that *something is better because you start early, it's easy and so, so... but point is it's instant gofriaicatitn - which won't scale.. Rails is basically convention over configuration, and so one starts loving rails, when he understands those conventions is what I feel after using rails since last 2 years.

  2. Jiyeon says:

    disse:Justamente isso, no filme o louco coloca a April em monevimto, a faz tomar as re9deas da sua vida e tomar suas prf3prias decisf5es, por que ate9 ente3o ela este1 le1 ressentida com o marido que abandonou os planos de Paris por causa de uma gravidez que ela ne3o queria, mas ne3o faz nada.Depois dessa chacoalhada ela toma uma decise3o importante e ao mesmo tempo toma as re9deas da vida dela, tendo que assumir as consequeancias, mas se3o as decisf5es dela e ne3o do marido.

  3. Wilfer says:

    My only problem with that<a href=""> actlrie</a>, as I saw it when it came out originally, is this: Ryan got me thinking last night, and Bryan, about the the statement Men rape women.' While this is true, men do rape women, repeatedly and often, the blanket statment, the generalization, is unfair and lazy. Men =/= rapists. I have a serious problem with the phrasing of a lot of things coming out of Shapely Prose lately; that men = rapists. Not all rapists are men. Not all men rape. Therefore men =/= rapists. Using a blanket generalization like that doesn't do anyone any good; it's the same as saying African Americans are criminals. Native Americans are alcoholics. Mexicans are lazy. Men are rapists. Well yes, men happen to do most of the raping, but are all men rapists? No, no they aren't. In any given population, the number of actual rapists is low compared to the total population. The damage they do, however, is enormous. Should we not take this seriously? No, quite the opposite. But saying men rape women' as a blanket generalization is offensive and off-putting to the men out there that aren't rapists who might actually be willing to listen to us feminists for a few seconds, y'know, until we start lumping them in with all the bad apples. People are individuals. Men are individuals and so are women (and so is everyone else who doesn't neatly fall into a gender so easily). Blanket statements are a lazy, ineffectual way to make your point.Also, while it is a reality that many women live in the world afraid of every man they meet, to me, this is not an acceptable way to live my life. Eventually I do have to trust the people around me that they're not going to rape me. That's reality. This post? Not reality.

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