Sing Along

“Walking this wire, feel the pain / secret desire in the great escape / solitary motion on a razor blade / open my style to a king of pain”

  1. Khadarabasha says:

    Pete Burns:It's all about web presence. Lets face it, the first point of concatt for people in the market for new kit is the web. A high web presence is what seems to matter, look at Bedrock and Zap-you-too, the higher the profile, the higher the prices; unless you are a company such as SmallHD who appear to have an extremely high professional web presence without enrolling the usual bunch of self promoting 5D2 leaches. I urge Cinema 5D members to go back to basics and use this site for what it was intended for. It's not the political bitching platform that unfortunately some people think it is! Meanwhile, what's your favourite lens cloth?

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