1. Ortegaa says:

    photonashville:Also wanted to say, tudeenmors resource that will be viewed and referenced worldwide. What that means is that Zacuto and Indifocus especially should have participated, it would have been in their best interest. It sends the wrong message when you are openly not a part of something like this. Perhaps it would have helped Zacuto to better justify some of their equipment's prices and have a comparison to the Magic Spider knockoff versions.

  2. Rex says:

    - THX SARA for your thoughts!well i'm not a Aperture 2 power user (because i'm more a video audio guy) so i could be wrong but i think the Adjustment Panel (with Presets and stuff), Brushes and Advanced Slideshows are rellay great new/enhanced features seems like i can do now more stuff in Aperture 3 i've did in photoshop before so a rellay nice sophisticated update!BTW: Faces Places is a nice toy/tool but my workflow doesn't need that at all (so far)[] Reply:February 12th, 2010 at 7:02 pmMichael yes, faces does not fit my workflow at all. Places is great geotagging with a map function in lightroom would be an amazing addition. For the pros, I think lightroom still looks more professional. I personally don't like how aperture changed their look to fit more to the consumer level product (iphoto) than keeping it's professional look. For anyone wanting to get into photo management that has a V-DSLR and is not at a pro level (FCP), I could see Aperture as a great way to get into it for photos and video work.Philip for you, especially with the amount of cameras you own, the tiny ones being able to do video as well I could see aperture working for ya.Josh LR2 has a plugin for Flickr integration and the LR3 beta has direct connections with their flickr accounts as well. David from what I hear with Aperture users, A2 to A3 has massive improvements so if that's your application and have been using it for ages, it's an amazing upgrade. I've played around with aperture a bit more and I still find it impressive. The two things I hope LR3 includes in their official release is geotagging and something similar to brushes (which I find is close to masking with layers in Photoshop. Extremely powerful). There are a few things that throw me off with Aperture 3:- I've never seen before in a product, consumer level features put into a pro level application (thinking of iPhoto faces and places). While Places is a great feature for anyone with a large collection of photos, I don't see the point of faces in a pro tool. I'd much rather use keywords/tags. Even in iPhoto, I rarely tag every photo with faces.- I find the actual look of the application a bit simple looking. Maybe it's the faces/places mixed with the iPhone style icons for facebook and flickr integration but to me, it takes away from that professional slick look a lot of other (pro) applications have, and I don't necessarily mean Lightroom. I know this has nothing to do with how your photos will turn out after processing them, it's just another observation.- I myself, rarely go into Photoshop for photography editing. There's very little that can't be done (with some work) in applications like Aperture (or Lightroom). I do agree, if there's one application you need and you're just thinking about Photographs, skip the pricey cost of PS and go for something powerful and affordable.[]

  3. Aika says:

    - Just doing some looking <a href="http://wvxgyagshq.com">arunod</a> for inspiration and you have definitely inspired me. Great shots, I love your attention to detail, depth and whatever lens you are using! Great work, if I ever getter married i will be contacting you

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