Beaux Arts

So tonight was the Architecture Beaux Arts ball. I didn’t go. I’ve been berated all week about not going, but quite honestly, I’ve been very anti-dance/formal event since high school. Just not my bag anymore. I’m doing my masters now, and yeah, so a lot of people I know went. But going to a dance stag, well, it just kinda defeats the purpose imho. And my Bond Girl couldn’t make it down for the event. Anyway, they had a cash bar and no liquor. Anyone see something wrong with this picture???? So I’m enjoying my own bar here at home. No cash involved, at least not now. And I don’t get that watered down over priced crap. Hells yes.

“Phew for a minute there I lost myself…”

  1. Sabine says:

    This is a different sotulion that also works:1) download the svn-source from the custom item generator (cig)2) make it a .NET 4 project3) add the default NVelocity dll (the one you use in your sitecore website) to the cig-project4) build the cig-project5) copy/paste the CustomItemGenerator.dll from the cig-project to the sitecore website.6) build the sitecore website sotulion.

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