Tell me why

Why is it that anytime I start to move in a positive direction with my life I get sucked back down? At the current rate, I’m going to be 50, single, and working 80 hour weeks.

You give all you have but it’s never enough.

Now I’m not just talking about emotional relationships, but everything. Love. Work. Thesis. Life. You can never appease anyone except yourself, and even that is nearly impossilbe. With me, it’ll never happen.

Pete – open the bar, we’re headin down to Brooks again… (damn they need a new website)

  1. Swetha says:

    You probably shloud have stopped reading and started again, I feel you missed the point of the article somewhat. A lot of people seem to take the term Personal Home Page tools as derogatory, Im a PHP guy also and happy in the fact that Im using a language aimed directly at the web. If it makes you feel less a developer Im sorry for mentioning PHPs history (even if in error) Rack here (it's a heck of a lot more) is a tool for us to get quick feedback on web based Ruby apps. Save us from getting lots abstracted away in larger frameworks and focus on what we want to do.

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