CD Release

So earlier this evening I went to my friend, Chris Keup‘s, CD release show at the ’g o n z a g a hIGH school’; return true" target="_new">Gonzaga Auditorium in downtown DC. We videotaped it too so we can do this documentary style thing. All about the video production baby! Anyway.

We also finally finished Screwtape (based on C.S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters”) and will be rolling that out in Quicktime later this month. Stay tuned for more updates!

  1. Ebru says:

    have helped me thank you for wriitng even when you would have rather been outside hiking!Is there any chance that a paperback with study questions and/or a teachers guide will be published in the near future for What Good is God? It would be dynamic to use to show our concern regarding the questions that are raised in the hearts of people who had close ties to the communities devastated by the recent tornadoes in northern Alabama. We are considering using the title of the new book with the discussion concepts from two of your earlier books (Disappointment w/God and Where is God When It Hurts) in the next weeks. Thank you for any helpful insight.Blessings!Carolyn BottPensacola and Orlando, FLCarolyn,Somehow in my travels and erratic internet contact I missed your comment. I'm so sorry! Yes, my latest book title applies to a lot of global situations this year, doesn't it? Fukushima, Tuscaloosa, Joplin. I'm pleased to hear that you, among others, are indeed bringing comfort to those affected. At this point there are no plans for a guide to What Good Is God? Most editions of Where Is God When It Hurts include discussion questions. Alas, I'm probably too late to help. With this topic, though, discussion usually flows freely. I'm glad you're helping lead it.Philip

  2. Gabriiel says:

    Hey thanks for lkinig my lewis and boethius post over at Ive written a bunch there on lewis over the years. By the way, i'm a fellow Maritimer. Grew up in Nova Scotia.

  3. Doris says:

    I'm reading this book right now with two<a href=""> dteifrefn</a> women's groups and though it can be overwhelming at times because of Lewis' British wrap-around way of writing, the book is a masterpiece and is provoking many of us to examine ourselves deeper than we have in a long time. Perhaps another reading of this book would prove to penetrate more deeply than the first. Truly, dismissing this novel would be a travesty and a misrepresentation of the purpose for which Lewis wrote this book. It's not mearly a fictional story about demons trying to sabatoge a new Christian It's a running commentary on one or more scenarios an emotions we have that inhibit our ability to see ourselves for who we are and for who God is

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