Passive Agressive Hallmark


: “cause gee meg is cool productions would be happy to provide clothing for that special occasion when you want to avoid discussing a situation… we’re like the passive agressive hallmark.”

  1. Sabrina says:

    Ah. Yes. If the office was able to reeigtsr levity, it probably was funny and just didn't come across on the internet. The anger comes from a personal place tho, I've been the subject of real indirect micro-managing; I don't like being tricked into admitting mistakes to things that don't matter, because those things really don't matter, and you just wanted me to admit incompetence. There's no room for error at the bottom and being at your boss's condescending mercy is the worst part of it. BUT it is also the greatest blessing to be in an office that can take a joke. God knows that's a rarity.

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