Pure genius

“When my synapses pause / In their quest for applause / When my ego lets go of my end of the bone / To focus instead on the love that is precious to me / Then I shall be free.”

- Roger Waters (This man is a genius)

  1. Paul says:

    Ok, not a bad writeup of his paorsnel experience, but as an avid Pythonista/Djanger, I'd like to point out: 1. Python functions need () at the end: Ok, fair enough. 2. self._awkvardmethod_calls(). I assume he's unhappy about the first two underscores, as long method names are Good(tm) if you got an autocomplete editor. However: (1) most of Python's private stuff that isn't part of built-in scope should have one, not two underscores, and (2) if he's accessing private methods a lot, my guess is that he's doing something very, very wrong in his code. Or maybe more likely he's been exposed to too much Java or C#: Python is NOT Java and you don't program the two in the same style! Hint: The property function would most probably be this guy's new best friend. Check it out. Also check out iPython, an interactive Python command line. Among other things it's very good for interactive inspection.Anyway, an ok write-up, as everyone's taste is different. Personally I love Python and Django, so I'll stick to it.

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