1. Givert says:

    Brian, sorry I offended. I didn't mean to come out snwiging so hard, I guess I sort of just got pushed a little too far myself. I'm so tired of seeing all these idiots on Slashdot freaking out about the latest acronym that will save the day, then claiming it is 10X better than YesterdaysAcronym.The truth is that real software engineering has nothing to do with acronyms, operating systems, or choice of database. Rather, process, automation, and quality assurance have been the time-tested tactics for success in software. Whether you use Linux or Solaris or Windows NT makes no difference.So seeing that Ruby on Rails was being heralded as 10X faster to develop with than Java (which of course, includes WebWork, Tapestry, Spring, Hibernate, and all the other frame I admire), I tend to get a bit annoyed. The truth is that RoR is probably great for certain things, but it can be written in Java and be just as productive. In fact, I will guarantee that someone could do what they do in Ruby with the same two lines that was so grossly misused and tossed around in that /. thread.

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