Aquarius update

Kory’s film

is coming along nicely, and we’re starting to do some of the computer generated sequences now. Here are some of the storyboards I scribbled out for the “ventilation sequence”. [ image 1 ] [ image 2 ]

  1. Michele says:

    There isn't; punching holes in the ssetpoat creates stress risers which are a really bad idea on a part that has to take a lot of lateral stress.You can also superglue a ball bearing into the heads of the hex bolts on the ssetpoat clamps; it won't stop a determined thief but it might make them move to an easier target. (Solder works too but it's a pain to do).The chain can also be busted by removing the saddle and post from the bike and then twisting.I use a chain and the ball bearings since having to ride home without a saddle a few years ago.

  2. Yahya says:

    disse:Justamente isso, no filme o louco coloca a April em mtiemvnoo, a faz tomar as re9deas da sua vida e tomar suas prf3prias decisf5es, por que ate9 ente3o ela este1 le1 ressentida com o marido que abandonou os planos de Paris por causa de uma gravidez que ela ne3o queria, mas ne3o faz nada.Depois dessa chacoalhada ela toma uma decise3o importante e ao mesmo tempo toma as re9deas da vida dela, tendo que assumir as consequeancias, mas se3o as decisf5es dela e ne3o do marido.

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