1. Johany says:

    Thanks for your kind comments, Ken! And tnhkas so much for the corrections. Yea it's funny the MiniTest::Spec code resembles RSpec at first glance, actually… I'll have to try MiniTest myself soon. And sorry to get the purpose of the less.rb gem wrong; tnhkas for the thorough clarification. I've updated the article text above for both mistakes. You make a good point about namespacing - that sounds like a really great idea. Maybe what I'll do is write a follow up article someday soon about more of the details of how Less and the Rails asset pipeline work together. I was covering so much ground in this article I really didn't have time to get into the real details. ...or maybe I should let you write that one :) Keep up the great work on less-rails-bootstrap!

  2. Esra says:

    I am wondering the same thing. I am using caprbaya with minitest and I cannot run individual tests. When I right click to run a test individually, I just get ==============================================================================SUITE test,test/factories,test/functional-old,test/integration,test/unit,test/unit-old,test/unit-old/helpers (SEED 1525)============================================================================================================================================================ pass: 0, fail: 0, error: 0, skip: 0 total: 0 tests with 0 assertions in 0.006371 seconds==============================================================================

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