That's my hair

I could have been an MTV VJ. Sheez. Carson stole Jim’s hair. It’s proven fact. Jim works at MTV animation. Carson sees hair. Carson steals hair. Carson leaves whack message on Jim’s machine saying “I did NOT steal your hair.” Case closed.

  1. Kafka says:

    Can they trade Ocho? Can they get ANYTHING out of him versus just cuntitg him? Either way, yes, Green should be a good pick, but I don't know why people seem comfortable with Simpson at the other WR spot. Two good games in mopup time at the end of a garbage season doesn't make an all-pro. He may end up being OK, and I hope so, but I just wouldn't feel comfortable with only (rookie) Green, (unproven) Simpson and Caldwell and (young) Shipley going into the season. You need a solid vet to solidify the unit, and Ocho not that guy. T.O. not that guy.As for QB, more I think about it. Don't trade Palmer. You'll get very little to nothing in return. Let him retire. Opens the floodgates for anyone else wanting out of Cincy in the future. I actually credit Mike Brown for making a stand like that. But got to go after a vet QB (Orton, McNabb, Kitna, Young, maybe Flynn) to setting in for 2011. I might draft a guy with 2nd round, but I'd go for Mallett vs. Dalton. Bengals need a vet for 2011 though .they have a pretty easy schedule and I'd really like to see them strengthen the D and if they're solid as in '09 they could win some games.Got to get Benson back also, if not they won't be able to run the ball IMO. I like Scott, but he's not a No. 1 guy. Remember Chris Perry?

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