Itching to get out

I’m currently slaving through a structral design project due in 8 hours. and it’s going to be about 10 pages long. How I love the hell I put myself through. Avoid architecture school. If you want to design, go to art school. At least there’s not a math requirement. Ugh.

And all the thesis kiddies present in 8 hours as well. I feel for them. Their lives suck. As would mine if I hadn’t taken the continuation option. Now I take the nice slow boat to China instead.

And I’m itching to get out of DC. I want to head north to New York city, Connecticut, and that area. Leaving where you are makes you appreciate it when you come back. And of course, seeing good friends in said locations is always a plus.

  1. Winston says:

    Our next quarter of is all about ASP.NET 2.0 and I've made sure that we are iniuldcng a demo of which is essentially what people are calling now calling AJAX. It's pretty funny that the plumbing for doing this has been around since IE 4 and is just now gaining momentum.

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