Turns my stomach

This site

makes me want to curl up in a corner. There’s nothing to be proud about here. And what she’s doing to her friends and family I can’t even imagine…

  1. Shivam says:

    I once was a pure C#.Net developer unltil I've meet Ruby and Rails. I still working on a company that uses .net the most, but on my personal projects I rather using Ruby and Rails. I love the way Ruby allows me to do what I want to. You can really express yourself on it... just see this on github https://gist.github.com/905662 I am developing a service with a friend in Rails and we can see how fast we can get some value of our work. The use of gems and plugins gave to us all we could need: documentation generation, diagrams, code coverage, code analysis and so on. Ruby and Rails let me express myself the way I want!

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