Rockin good time

Wow. Another party over at the casa del Bobo… Talk about massive fun. Just a nice posse of real cool people. And an asshole security officer who likes to bust my chops at any chance he can get. Oh well.

In other news, Glenn Davis has left Project Cool. Read the opinions here. Many are calling this the end of an era. [shout out to Zeldman for his post of this to Metafilter]

And finally, NASA put some kick ass webcams online. No more people staring blankly at their computer monitors!!!! Hmm. but it’s so fun to watch people work. Especially when you’re talking on the phone with them at the same time…

  1. Chutima says:

    Agreed on the importance of Rails 3 enigens I have recently refactored several Rails 2.3.5 apps which relied on over a dozen plugins into Rails 3, converting all the plugins into enigens in the process. There are still a number of outstanding issues to resolve IMO, but these issues were unresolved in Rails 2.3.5 as well. Namely a nice solution for database migrations and seeds from enigens which may be included in multiple applications and which are under active development. The the generator approach has serious limitations and flaws!

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