Cool company?

So Jim is moved in and setting up his computador here and abusing my connection to download shtuff so SHOCK I’m posting from a PC. In other news, Justin Hankins posted this:

    “Or do I compromise my desires and admit to myself that a company most likely will not hire someone who frequently uses the phrase, ‘word to the motherfucker.’”

Hells yes. Because the company that DOES hire someone like that is a cool company. Back to download….

  1. Maiga says:

    Hei dere 2!Det er godt e5 hf8re at dere opplever spendenne dager. Nyt turen ned til Lefkas, og vi andre som lever A4, vi jobber og skal ha ferdig diverse prosjekter ff8r vi setter oss pe5 flyet og skal kose oss i 14 dager sammen med dere! Ikke lenge til ne5. Gutta prater om Hellas hver dag Klem Silje

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