Fun with the sis

The drama never ends when you are with my sister. She insists that we need to go check out this Ford Explorer with 80,000 miles on it because she “is buying a car within the next forty-eight hours.” So, we hop in SWMMERS and go jaunting through rush hour DC traffic. Get halfway into old-towne Alexandria and BAM. Car stalls dead. Won’t restart. So Jim and I jump out and push it out of traffic. Then we call AAA who tell us it will take 2 hours to get to us becuase we’re not on I-95. WTF????

So once the towing company finally arrives, I arrange for the guy to tow it to the dealer and we walk to the Braddock Road Metro Station and head to town. Angie had agreed to take Jim and I to dinner if we went car shopping with her and so we held her to that. Nice Italian place in Georgetown. We ate on the roof. With a river running under our feet it seemed.

Then we went to Urban Outfitters. Shopping around, not doing much, when I realize that the guy next to me parusing books is Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Pretty f-in cool. Turns out they recorded ONE song today in DC. So.

Car breaks down, get dinner and run into Flea. Not too bad an evening if you ask me.

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