1. Sahil says:

    Nathan, I've published one of my MG Fantasy advtenure stories as an ebook with Amazon Kindle and also as a paperback with Amazon CreateSpace. The paperback is selling a lot better than the eBook. Although a friend of mine has sold over a thousand copies of her self-published Y/A as a $0.99 eBook, and that's in the past few months.I've also published another children's story (One that you rejected just before retiring as an agent. Teehee. I had to throw that in just in case it becomes a best seller.)After only three rejections, I published with a POD publisher and it's now available on B & N, but so far not as an eBook, though I wish it was.It seems to me that kids books are still being bought as paperbacks, but Y/A and adult books are selling well as eBooks.

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