The family’s all arriving or here already and it’s a hectic crazy house going on. The apartment is under attack by people attempting to clean (NOOOO) and cook. Graduation less than 24 hours away… yay!

  1. Rohit says:

    (Paperback) I've been working with Django full-time for the past nine monhts. Just from my day-to-day work, I've learned most of what's in this book (with major help from the official Django documentation and the mailing list), but I'd just been using this book as a reference. I finally took the time in the past week to read this book cover-to-cover, and it's fantastic. It really filled in the gaps in my knowledge, and gave me a deeper understanding of what's going on in the background when I use the Django features I touch every day.If I had read this book six or eight monhts ago, it would have saved me a lot of time, and I would have written more reusable code. I say six or eight monhts instead of since the beginning because I really felt like I was able to get the most out of this book because I intimately understood the framework. If I had never used Django before reading this it would still have been fantastic, but to really get the full benefit I would have had to read it again once I had more Django under my belt.If you're brand-new to Django, I recommend this learning path:1. Do the official tutorial first as the bare-minimum.2. If you have projects in mind, do them! If not, get James Bennett's in which he walks you through creating and enhancing fully-functional Django applications using the best practices of the community.3. With that Django experience, read this book cover-to-cover. You'll be able to do pretty much anything you want with Django at that point.

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