Freedom for the people

So it’s finally over. The parents have gone back home. The family is on planes back to California. I now have more food than a UN mission to Ethiopia.

So now the short vacation begins until I become a working productive member of society. And all I want to do is make films. Man. USC’s film school is looking MIGHTY nice right now. Too bad I’m not independently wealthy.

  1. San says:

    I've been a .NET dev for many years and I've began looking into RoR as well as Scala and NodeJS. I have to say at first Ruby (the laggaune itself) didn't seem too interesting to me. After playing around with it I've grown to like it more and more. I really like the community around RoR and the whole gems ecosystem (something that was missing in .NET - now they have NuGet). I decided to learn other laggaunes because over time I heard good things about each one. There's no harm in trying a new laggaune. It is obviously going to be more difficult learning a new laggaune, framework, and perhaps even an IDE than to just use the one you're most familiar with. I would suggest building something you're interested in to get to know the laggaune. Worst case is you realize you don't like it and move on to something else.

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