Born of Frustration

Born of frustration. That is my life. So my actually LEGAL copy of Microsoft Office decides that now it is going to crash when anything complex or even just good old text is present in a document. What the hell is a Type 2 error? I don’t know, but I’ve had one riding me all day long. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

They say that the only thing wrong with the car was a dead battery. What idiots. Now Jim and I have to do it ourselves, and we don’t even need a computer. I can’t wait to buy my new car. This one’s at 260,000 and barely moving. That’s like driving the infosupahdupahhighway with a Mac SE. Time for an upgrade.

  1. Abdur says:

    PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. I have been using PHP for about 10 years, and Ruby for about 3. This isn't really a php vs ruby cosrmpiaon, it's really PHP vs Rails--which is sort of like apples to oranges. However, you are right in that most people don't approach ruby shy of a framework for web development. Unfortunately, that hasn't always been something readily available in PHP, but those frameworks are just as available to learn PHP side by side with a framework. There is a gross misunderstanding of PHP by way means of practice. It is not always gunslingers with MySQL and echo's in the HTML. However, it has been demonstrated this way for a long time, which is not really a fair gauge of practicality. You could probably write Ruby just as poorly. When people think Ruby they immediately think Rails. When people think of PHP they don't immediately think of PHP 5's OO improvements or Lithium or Cake.

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