1. Asnake says:

    Ok, fellow lagunage troll, compare it to Python and Django and see if you still feel the same. Ruby is NOT maintainable, doesn't scale well, and leads to badly written unreadable code. I mean, seriously, run Proc.new {|env| [200, {"Content-Type" => "text/html"}, ["Shhhhh"]] } ??? Maintainable = False; But, you already know that :) Anyway, cheers for the writeup and honesty about your intentions. Good work.

  2. Ramazan says:

    Review by Heide Janshon for SilverStripe: The Complete Guide to CMS Development (Wiley)Rating: The day I first heard of SilverStripe, was also the day that I discovered that a book for SilverStripe was in the works. After a few days of piyalng with the CMS I definitely wanted to get the book. By shear luck I got in contact with Wiley Publishing and was able to receive a review copy of the book. So hence I'm giving my first impressions here. Now I should mention that I am not a developer, and only an amateur webdesigner. I do have some basic PHP programming skills, and am familiar with the idea of Object Oriented Programming, which, as I discovered, is invaluable for working with this CMS. At this point I'm about half way through the book, and was impressed with the well structured approach. The concepts of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) structure of SilverStripe are explained clearly, and customizing the CMS is at least at its basic level straight forward. I like that every concept explained in the book is tied into an evolving web project, that gets a little more complex with each turn of the page. Again, I'm only half way through the book, and for a seasoned developer some of what is written might be trivial, but for those with limited programming skills this book will put you on the right track.As a side note, the book does not simply rehash the documentation and tutorials on the official [...] website. It is stand alone and compliments in depth what's already out there. Thanks to the SilverStripe team for this book and for a great CMS.

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