I Hate DC

Washington DC is a miserable city. Well, what do you expect? It was built on a swamp. it’s dark and dreary in the winter, and hot and sticky in the summer. Did I mention it was designed by a Frenchman? What were our founding fathers thinking?

There are four different types of people that proliferate through Washington. First are geeks. These people are cool. Not the dot commers who have no love for the web and are all about the buck. They suck. I’m talking people with a love for the web, who run personal sites for the sake of it. Second are students. I was one myself so I can’t complain. But in general, we were a loud drunk bunch. The female student population DOES keep the city looking good tho. And that’s always a plus. Third are politicians. ’nuf said. But, Fourth are people who we will lump into the term “Bureaucrats” for lack of a better defining term.

Bureaucrats covers people such as Diplomats (who the government gives drivers licenses to, when they obviously CAN’T DRIVE), political action committees, and students trying to be politicans, who make everyone’s life miserable. Taxi Drivers and Lawyers were up for nomination in other categories and recieved awards earlier in the evening.

Why am I kvetching about this? Because my sister is moving out of our apartment (that we’ve shared together this year) and moving to Los Angeles. Yup. She’s been hired as the Key Set PA for “What Women Want” with Mel Gibson. I need a jobby job.

So now it’s raining in DC. And I have no car. And it’s a nice long walk to the metro. And I’ve got to pick up five rolls of film.

I miss my car.

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