More netscape hell

My contact php script wasn’t working for windows clients. Sigh I just want a simple coder’s life… why? WHY?? anyway. i got a few “blank” forms in my email this morning. So if you tried to fill out the form, please write me the comments you sent at Thanks.

  1. Yeny says:

    :I agree that they have their style of shooting it is not the same for eveynore and they dont really make clear what it isJonhnie is a BBC stringer which proably means he does a lot of standing round while a dull reporter interviews people the bbc news is of course radio with pictures'he has picked a rig for that use particularly liking the arms down low rigs which are less tiring to use if you hang around for hours with the rigFair for his particular handheld' use that is actually an ENG style Cinema use sticks for such static shotsOn the stress level Cinema Shooting is different too (I have been on F35 shoots handheld not me operating) the shot is performed and the rig put down or given to an AC so the stress can be higher in exchange for a more interesting shot anglebut that is only one kind of handheld what about lowmode?walking ? running? whip pans ? We really needed some footage tests On the RR clamps I really cant comment, what I do see is that on some joints vocas use the correct and expensive serrated teeth clamps I have seen RR configurations where the clamp is not appropriate for the forces applied torque should never be applied to a single rail with a regular clamp

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