1. Vinay says:

    Hi travelguy,Thanks for tanikg the time to post. This is essentially the argument Presselite are trying to use to justify their use of the icon. They are trying to say, it's not my' icon in the first place, so therefore it's fair game to copy it.This is incorrect, it is my icon. Yes, it uses tiny part of the TfL map and do not dispute that the London Underground map is restricted by copyright or that such rights are enjoyed by TfL. However, copyright restricts works to a substantial part or whole of the work. The origin of my icon is irrelevant, my claim with Presselite is the clear intent behind the creation of their new icons. Make no mistake, they deliberately created two icons designed to mimic that of Tube Deluxe, they did not arrive at their new icon choice by accident. They did this in order to deceive the public into thinking that their apps are somehow connected to mine. Yes, it has increased their sales had an effect on Tube Deluxe, London Bus my reputation.Presselite's actions amount to Passing-off'. This is no different to health shop opening up next door to say The Body Shop', painting there store front in a similar green and calling themselves The Body Store'.Putting the argument another way, one has to ask themselves; why would Presselite want to even create an icon that bears any similarity to Tube Deluxe? I am working on a new app right now, there are others in the store, I am going out of my way to ensure mine icon does not look like theirs. Why did Presselite not do the same?

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