Hey big spender

Today’s the day for car shopping as Jim (ridingbitch.com coming soon) and I take Cokey (Pat Byrne) out to Rockville to look for a car. More to follow after we get one.

  1. Wesley says:

    Rails is the next step in the way webapp froarwmeks are going to work I can't help but think lots of Java and Perl fans are pissed at Rails' hype because they couldn't/didn't pull off the idea so well allready. All I see is a bunch of Rails fanatics that don't accept that others see things differently and are stepped on their toes when you honestly say that you didn't like it and prefer to do things differently. What, you say we have to write an entire application with it to be able to appreciate it? No thanks, after trying the tutorial, reading the docs, watching the videos and looking at some examples I decided that I already wasted to much time on it and that I wasn't interested in using it. If you can't handle that and categorize the rest of the world' as ignorant, then you have a problem, not me.

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