Old knowledge, new age

There is no greater sin than desire,

No greater curse than discontent,

No greater misfortune than wanting something for oneself.

Therefore, he who knowsthat enough is enough will always have enough
    - Lao Tsu “Tao Te Ching” (number 46)
  1. Abelardo says:

    Here via Sitepoint tech times You mention the merit of aiasrtctbon in PHP - by the use of templating and frameworks. But then you show these Rack examples that, to me, seem to throw that thinking out and mix everything back together again - like beginner PHP. Granted I don't know that much about Ruby, Rack or Rails - but to me those examples seem to have more in common with what setting up routes in a PHP framework is like than with the PHP 'equivalents' you show. I know they're examples, but would you seriously build an app on code like that?

  2. Pinkii says:

    nahid ?????:salam man daneshjuye sale aarahke ITaz daneshgahe payame noor hastam manam mitunam sherkat konam ??? nahveye sabte nam ra mail konid

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