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Relationships are so haphazard and unpredictable. Especially when it involves a good friend. Where do those boundaries lie? What are the lines we should and shouldn’t cross? So I’m in the interesting position of falling for one of my closest friends. Yeah, I had a crush on her in undergrad, but I was too stupid and foolish to be myself around her. I didn’t see her for about 9 months after graduation, and I was able to at least push that to the back of my mind. But I became myself , she came down to DC for a while, and things changed.

So now I’m in this position. I wrote these lyrics about a month ago, when this just started to happen. Now I’m at a point where i’m simply confounded and confused. My head says one thing, my heart says the other and all I know is that this is the one thing in my life I don’t want to fuck up.

As typical with me, i wrote these out as a song. The lyrics are available on A better full band sound mp3 coming as soon as I can get over to Drew’s and record it with him.

Until then, here’s my “me and my computer in my bedroom” demo available here (ah how I love how AVID gave away protools 3): more info.

  1. Malik says:

    Hey Mark,I just downloaded the pacgake an retested it and it is working for me. If you see all of the menu items but clicking on Generate Custom Items does not do anything my guess is that the command is not set up correctly. Do you see thisin ~/App_Config/commands.config . If that is not there, try adding it and see if that fixes the issue.

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