I love toys

I love toys. I just picked up a bunch of them too. I finally invested in some speakers for my G4 so I can make my floor shake with resounding bass, a USB hub so I can connect all this shtuff, a USB floppy so my sister doesn’t have to buy a zip drive she’ll never use, and then my CD burner and Quickcam Pro are in the mail somewhere.

Fed Ex

had them and I went down to the DC ghetto near Union Station to pick them up with Maria before she had to go to the film set yesterday. The box the speakers came in looked like a new computer, and since I’ve got four machines in front of me now, she was crackin for hours that I had number five and was just refusing to admit it. Now now, one machine is Jim’s, my old mac is getting redone for my parents, and the PC is going to be a beta server. So it’s not like I’m actually USING all four in some twisted sci-fi infonexus.

Oh yeah… Did I say I love toys?

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