So you wanna date my daughter?

Thank God that I’ve never had to fill this out. But if I have a daughter? God help those boys. Unless they’re geeks, and then I’ll make em code. That’s right. You’ve go 10 minutes to write me a killerapp. and 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… GO.

  1. Baga says:

    danap:As a (former) customer of Redrock, with a lot of money ievnsted in Redrock equipment (shoulder rig, two set of rods, eyespy setup, new baseplate for D and Micro followfocus version 2) and a outraging customer experience when it comes to shipment,delivery and customer follow up (or lack of such see my former post ) ..I am not surprised with this new desperate move from Brian Valente. Yes the screws of Redrock rig suck terribly ! Yes, there are problems tightening AND loosening the screws ! Yes, there are also problem tightening the screws so that the crabon fiber rod do not rotate freely in the diverse handgrips! Yes Redrocks business communication sucks!I think also, unheard here in Europe, that Cinema5D compliance with Redrock's kind request to remove the review (motivated by their love for fee speech ) also a wrong move. The only favour Redrock should have obtained is to respond to the review and ample opportunity comment space to express their criticsm.There are fundamental aspects of freedom of speech in the public sphere that some funny U.S. based companies have problems to accept (Redrock is sadly not the only member of this club). I ask therefore cinema5D to re-publish this review in the name of the freedom of internet and public speech.

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