World Domination here we come

So I just got my graduation present: A Nikon Coolpix 950. Yeah, the 990 would have been nice, but really, I don’t need THAT many toys. Don’t get me wrong, I love toys (see below), but $200 towards accesories instead of just the camera was my vote. Hells yeah. Now the Logitech QuickCam and I’m gonna be all geeked out. Jim is just going to do the silent heckling that he is reknown for in these parts.

And riotHero posted thusly:

    “You watch…Bobo, ”" targert="_new">Burr

    , Hankins, and Olynciw…we are going to become the Pyra of the east. You have been warned. MUWAAAHAHAHAHA."

I quote Mr. Hankins in saying “werd to the motherfu*ker.” Hells yes. Ah well. Back to playing with my toys and sorting 3 more boxes of paper before I fight the power and drive back to DC tommorrow on everyone’s favorite stretch of freeway: Interstate 95.

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