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wrote this oh so true article at about GirlSpeak and how us guys are just clueless. This is a must read for all of us who go “wtf was that??!?!” on a daily basis. Not that there are any solutions here, but at least there are some tips on how to reduce the apparent stupidity level we seem to suffer from.

  1. tiamo says:

    I've had two seats stolen with quick-releases, but none yet with the allen wrnech. The last theft was just this week, coincidentally, on a cheap thrift store roadie, I could not easily remove the seat clamps and figured theft of well-worn damaged seats was unlikely. I was wrong.There are many security products including cables that attach under the seat, as well as various locking-screw type of products I have been checking out. Many of these are part of a skewer package, and I'll mention only the ones with seatpost protection.The most common are Pinhead, also rebranded as OnGuard, whose removal tool uses pegs that fit into what otherwise appear to be a one-way indentation (about $50 for skewers and seats). Pitlock is the most expensive option, it uses a socket with a custom curve ($80 or more). Online you can find skewer/bolt sets from Sunlite and Tranz X which use 5mm allen key ($~12). Tranz X also makes one with a 5-sided pentagon bit (~$30).The one I think I will settle on is Oredon SafeRing, through (France) or (UK). It's mostly a European item seen in France and the UK, but it looks solidly built and a good value for the money. Might be defeated using a spanner wrnech but I doubt anyone in my area will have even a similar product.% $*#ERS WON'T STEAL MY SEATS ANYMORE HAAAAHThe author does not receive any consideration for the mention of any of these products, and does not have affilition or financial interests in related businesses. (oh, and yes, all the security products cost way more than the $12.99 bikes they are on)

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