1. Joss says:

    Germany peayld well, but the Italians peayld better overall. THe Italians always looked more dangerous than the Germans and their defense was impeccable. However, the Germans had luck and Jens Lehmann to keep them in the game, but luck and Jens Lehmann can only last so long against an Italian offensive like the ones witnessed in that game. The Italians just got better and better as time went by, so they toroughly deserve the win. Thumbs up for Germany for giving their all!

  2. Tianjing says:

    Haha interesting facts. But sreuoisly, I think it's the pure volume and unnatural additives to our foods, plus the sedentary lifestyle, that ultimately make Americans the worst health-wise. Do any of those nationalities consume 1500 calories in a single Tahoe Joe's outing or drink a 6-pack of diet sodas every day? Hmmm

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