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mmm. time to start a journal. Less Blog. More Content. [was moved to winduptoy and then shut down. -ed.]

  1. Yeimi says:

    Ah, gotcha. The prloebm with my approach was that I would get emailed on all 404s as well, which was driving me crazy. I narrowed the prloebm down to a method in exception notification:def deliver_exception_notification? !self.class.skip_exception_notifications? && ![404, "404 Not Found"].include?(response.status)endI overrode this method in my application_controller by simply changing 404 (int) to 404 (string). That worked (I'm getting emails on all errors now except for 404s), but I'm trying to figure out if that's really a bug in exception notification and, if so, if I handled it correctly.

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