House shoppin

8 am wake up call this morning. Pace had set up for us to meet our realtor in Vienna (an hour west of here, still DC suburbs) and then tour houses. We get there 15 minutes early. This alone was a major accomplishment. Come to find out we can’t see the first house until 11am. It’s 10. Breakfast McD’s style.

First house – not bad, kinda ghetto. 45 years old. Cokey didn’t like it at all. So we go for the second house? Nope. The asshole currently occupying it didn’t want to show it on Sunday: F**kwad. So we go BACK to Vienna and look at some more houses on the computer.

This continues and finally, 150 miles of driving around the metropolitan Washington DC area, we find a kick ass house and put down the dinero for it. We’re up against two other groups/families who put down money/applications. Everyone pray that we get this house. It would be so phat I would do a dance all over my desk and film it for you to boot.

  1. Hidayat says:

    Claudio, I can't thank you enough for your winselgnils and commitment to this series! For a person of your stature and MVP status to help those of us wishing to move into Open Web technologies and ROR, it is a great encouragement! I've been a MSFT stack dev since classic ASP and SQl Server 6.5, and while I owe much of my career to the MSFT stack, it is increasingly more difficult to participate in the kinds of projects using the edge technologies I'm most interested in on the strict diet of .Net/Win. I just bought my first MacBook Pro a week ago, and have been loving and suffering the learning curve since! lol it's truly great! Really looking forward to your efforts and knowledge sharing!

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