UVA student training

Are you a future UVA student? A past UVA reject (like me)? Someone who just doesn’t get “living on grounds” or “Mr. Jefferson’s University”? Well, look no further that this helpful friendly guide to life at UVA. My guide? DRINK HEAVILY. And shop at J Crew, Banana Republic, drive an SUV, and talk about your house in Nags Head, even if you don’t have one.

  1. Roya says:

    i just wanted to share evymetire someone asks what the baby's name is i reffer to her as harper jules ..i like it and that's that! i think it is great that you call her what YOU like and will let her choose what she wants to be called later.come see me before you head down south! my last day in hair world is may 30th!!! much love!

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