Ozone warning day

It’s an “Ozone Warning Day” here in our nation’s capital. I’m so happy that I can get away with NOT exercising or doing anything productive. Too bad my computer doesn’t emit any Ozone buildling things, then I could tell my clients that i can’t work… Hmm. Zelda is calling… something about those 8 bit games….

  1. Esteban says:

    No one will ever beat them or take their crown of being the Best Recording/live act ever.The Beatles were nearly as good but we only got about 9 years of music from them,The Stones hevnat made a semi decent album since the seventies whilst U2 have 27 years of material to offer,they have performed live to over 11 million people and performed over1300 lve gigs.And every album bar POP,raises the bar for everyone.They are the only megaband who still do albums which make them bigger!NLOTH FUCK!020309

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