Vacation plans

So I’ve finalized my travel plans as they were. Going to be leaving DC on teh 22nd and returning on July 1st. I think I’m going to let someone guest blog. Do I dare? Hmm… a whole 10 days away from my G4 and no laptop in sight. This might be the end of me. Sara will probably let me abuse her machine when I’m in LA. But she’s got a pool table. I mean really. Blog or play pool? Or both at the same time? decisions decisions.

So I’m gonna fly to Las Vegas and meet up with Maria and Dave Tapper. Then to LA to find my sister and hit up the “What Women Want” wrap party (Mel Gibson’s new film that she’s the Key on). Then do the LA tourist thing with Angie, Sara, and whoever else we run into on the great LEFT coast.

Well, it’s an easy one tonight. Drink or not drink? Puh – lease. Drink. nuf said. And it looks like the natives are getting restless. Better run to Pop’s and get us some alcohol.

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