Love & Rockets

Courtney Love rocks the hizzouse. If you do nothing else today, READ THIS ARTICLE. I was going to use a blink tag, but I figured that would be excessive.

  1. Joseodairmendesmartins says:

    If we're talking about rack and rails, why not campore it to Symfony or CodeIgniter? I use Symfony a lot and there's routing, debugging, MVC and abstraction in it - all like Rails, but then in PHP. I've tried Rails (Ruby) and Django (Python), but in the end most of my customers have simple hosting with only apache/php and it stays my language of choice. I've chosen Symfony 2 for now, but there's probably 100ths of frameworks out there that each have their own vices and virtues. And whatever you say, that isn't true for Ruby or Django.

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