The moon is a mirrorball

The full moon is streaking across my floor like a theatre gobo tonight. It’s simply beautiful. Sometimes I wish I didn’t live in the city so I could go outside and marvel at the sheer vastness of nature.

    Tonight, the moon is a mirror ball… Light flickers from across the hall… Who’ll catch this star when it falls? If you wear that velvet dress…."

    - U2, "If You Weat That Velvet Dress:

  1. Luis says:

    It seems the book can deliver a vsauil and mental impact while we are approaching the Tang Poems. This reminds of the English translation of the Persian Poem by Edward Fitzgerald: The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam. Ancient Oriental wisdom can shine through ages after ages from the East to the West in beautiful English too if the right format of expressing can be achieved.

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