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Posting from the .sara‘s house in LA. The flight out was good. NN/Williamsburg → Dulles → Denver →Vegas. The Denver Vegas part was late, and I was supposed to meet ’my favorite actress |‘; return true" target="_new">Maria at the ’mgm grand vegas style |’; return true" target="_new">MGM Grand where she was doing a dance audition for “efx” – one of those Vegas shows.

So she finished early and walked to the airport. The airport is NOT pedestrian friendly as far as walking to it from the strip, and she and I crossed paths in the airport, so she walked BACK to her place. So about 5 miles of walking and a few blisters later, she was quite in pain. Anyway, chilled, got the rent-a-car, and went to the strip and chilled out. Went to bed at about 6 am because Maria is in a cover group that is playing 12:30 – 5:30 every night.

Drove to LA today. Five hours from the strip to Woodland Hills. Woohoo! Talk about ripping through the countryside. There ain’t NOTHIN between Vegas and San Bernidino National Forest. Absolutely NOTHING. Well, a few small truck stops, but that’s it. So I’m chillin at dot sara’s phatty pad in LA. Back to Vegas on Tuesday. I love vacation.

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