12 months later

It’s fall, and everyone’s going back to school. And I can’t help but think of last fall. And the events that happened last fall. And how they affected me so and continue to affect me even now. “The things I remember and things I forget / I miss you I guess that I should…”

How I wish I was back in school somehow knowing what I know now. But that’s not how it works is it?

  1. Fernanda says:

    :In defense of my cotiotpmers and not for myself. These opinions are just Sabastian and the other reviewers. It's just one opinion and not fact. I'm sure other reviewers would have different opinions. Sabastian just received the gear and my not have set it up the same way they would had they had used the gear for a month. When using gear you learn how it best works by using it. It takes time to break it in to your working style. Each of these designs are very different. Plus the use of these seems to be a problem as well. Not everyones kit is meant to be shoulder mounted, some are gorilla style, some are run'n'gun & some are shoulder mount. It's very hard to do an apples to apples comparison with such different designs. With all due respect, I have played with Cinevate & RedRock and I think they are both good systems (well made). I think what the problem we are having here is in tone. It's very hard to convey tone in writing, especially across languages and I feel the tone may be interpreted in English as a bit harsh. Of course I mean no disrespect by that, Sabastians English is astoundingly good, probably better than mine (but tone is something that's very hard to learn unless living in the English culture).

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